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Dental Health Professionals

Dental Health Professionals has been in existence since 1978, and the practice has been in place since Dr. Michael Lueder joined Dr. Charles Ardis in 1975. There has been a great deal of change since then and we have taken an active part in the transition. In Dr. Ardis' time, most dentists in Cadillac did their own prophys. There were no specialists available in the city. Antibiotic premedication was not routinely prescribed. Implants were practically the material of science fiction. Most dentists were solo practitioners without a hygienist, and at most one assistant/receptionist. Materials and treatment options were limited.

In the last three decades, our practice has seen many changes in technology, manpower, and delivery of quality dental care. One of the greatest strengths of Dental Health Professionals has been its ability to embrace new technology, learn and try new techniques, diversify its staff and keep pace with the changes in the community of patient care. In short, together we have been working from a stable base of quality oriented service to our patients and a willingness to change as opportunities or requirements present themselves.